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Making the most of your time at the farm

An ode to whiling away time at a farm

Written by Neema Broome

"The farm makes poets of us sometimes and this is one such attempt."

Relax and enjoy this enchanting urban forest,

sounds of nature… peaceful and quiet,

Find zillion little creatures,

and discover their diet.

Climb up the tree house,

just sit there and contemplate.

Early in the morning, go bird watching,

Grab your binocs, don't go late.

Amble along a path

and, if in season, pick some fresh fruits

Mangoes, Guavas, Karwanda and Mulberries,

And as you walk along don't forget to thank the trees.

Pick, smell, taste and feel...

medicinal and aromatic plants in our nurseries,

Carry on further, ah! a little stream,

a pool and a diversity of lotuses and lilies

As you stroll along you may come across

an occasional snake, squirrel or a bee hive.

And when the sun sets and peacocks call,

rise the tall dark shadows of the bamboo,

their rustling leaves bring the spirits alive.

Before you shut your eyes just remember all of this…

Let's say thank you to mother nature for this bliss.

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