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What to plant to attract more butterflies into your garden

If you've ever been in a space with lots of butterflies, you might realise that a butterfly garden is more than just a space with a bunch of flowering plants. Butterflies require a combination of elements - plenty of sunlight yet some protection from the wind. And they will flock to spaces that have a diversity of plants, shrubs and trees. Even as you think about creating the perfect conditions in your garden, here is a list of plants that are sure to bring the butterflies fluttering into your space:

  1. Lantana: Although known to be a pest plant, this one is a great attractant for butterflies.

  2. Zendu i.e. Marigold

  3. Ixora coccinea aka the Jungle Geranium

  4. Asclepias or The common milkweed: They are commonly known as milkweeds because of the latex they produce.

  5. Calotropis: Calotropis species are considered common weeds in some parts of the world. The flowers are fragrant and are often used in making floral tassels in some mainland Southeast Asian cultures. Fibers of these plants are called madar or mader. Calotropis species are usually found in abandoned farmland.

  6. Aristolochia (Pipevine)

  7. Leguminosii

  8. Bryophyllum

  9. Sontakka i.e. White ginger lily: A plant that's easy to grow, this one belongs to the ginger family.


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