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Which trees attract butterflies?

In our previous post on attracting butterflies in your garden, we focussed on flowering plants and shrubs mostly. But trees are a very important element of spaces that make good chill spots for butterflies.

  1. Ficus Resemosa Glomerata commonly called the Indian Fig tree

The cluster fig, red river fig or Gular, is a species of plant in the family Moraceae. It is native to Australia and tropical Asia. It is unusual in that its figs grow on or close to the tree trunk, termed cauliflory. The sap is poisonous so you need to be careful when pruning the tree and its branches. If you get some of the sap on your hands, do wash with water immediately.

2. Acacia tree

Acacia trees are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world, particularly Australia (where they are called wattles) and Africa, where they are well-known landmarks on the veld and savanna. In India, the Acacia tree is also known as the Babul tree.

3. Ziziphus also known as the Ber tree in India

The Ziziphus mauritiana, also known as Indian jujube, Indian plum, Chinese date, Chinese apple, and dunks is a tropical fruit tree species. It is often confused with the closely related Chinese jujube, but whereas Z. jujuba prefers temperate climates, Z. mauritiana is tropical to subtropical.

Ziziphus mauritiana is a spiny, evergreen shrub or small tree up to 15 m high. The fruit is of variable shape and size. The flesh is white and crisp. When slightly underripe, this fruit is a bit juicy and has a pleasant aroma. The fruit's skin is smooth, glossy, thin but tight.

4. Cassia (Siamea in particular)

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