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At J E Farms, we welcome those of you who would like to immerse themselves in the wilderness here. Experience Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing for its immense neuro-psychological effects in reducing stress. Come spend the entire day with us at the farm, bring your friends and your children to experience nature in her true, raw form. From bathing cows to planting saplings, from an afternoon nap in a tree house or under a tree, to teatime by a stream (only in the monsoons), you can do all this and more.

For groups of 6 and more only


Days: Saturday and Sunday

Timings: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Day visit fee: Rs 750/- per head



·       Clean drinking water

·       Access to the entire farm barring the cottages

·       Access to a covered dining hall

·       Access to a clean toilet, wash basin and soap/towels

·       Tea/drink at 11 am or 4.30 pm (any one of the times that you may choose)


We also provide glasses and plates for your meals (with a request to clean and place them back)                                                  

We encourage you to bring your own picnic lunch as we did in olden days. However, we do organize a regular lunch, a picnic lunch, and snacks at an additional charge on prior notice.

        Activities you can do on your own:

1.      Meet, feed or bathe the cows and the calf (on an advance notice)

2.      Go birdwatching on your own

3.      Follow a bamboo trail

4.      Discover medicinal plants and their properties. Buy some too.

5.      Laze around in a hammock

6.      Seek out the lotuses and the lilies

7.      Bring your board games and play outdoors

8.      Relax and read some books

9.      Do some clay work

10.    Go on a long walk to Jambe village through the fields

10.    Climb the trees and the tree house


         Below are activities that can be organised at an additional cost.                Please write to us in advance if interested:

1.       A story telling session for children and adults

2.       A guided tour around the farm - 1.5 hours

3.       A nature treasure hunt around the farm 

4.       Experience and learn about medicinal and other plants on the farm            their history, medicinal properties, other uses and how to cultivate                them with Vivek Gour Broome (an ethno-biologist and medicinal                  plant use and cultivation expert)

5.       A meditation session 

6.       A session on mindfulness and its relevance

7.       A yoga session

**Do check in with us on the availability of these activities.


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